Our vision is to fulfill this gap under the call of our Hon’ble Pime Minister “Swadeshi Apnao”. We are putting our all efforts and force to promote indigenous items at national and international strata and providing equal opportunity to all macro, small and micro businesses at this Pihuri shopping platform. On the other side, at customer corner, we are exploring the big indigenous market for you so that you can smell our culture and tradition, existed at different corner of our country.


Our long term mission and goal are very simple and practical. We wish to boost the local channel of business with the pace of global industrial marathon. With the advancement of online shopping, western world have fade the Indian business especially our local shops, and equally, customers also could not get the satisfactory online shopping outcome, particularly in the form of evaluating their selective products.

Why Pihuri

Pihuri “App ki apni dukan”, is a latest shopping platform with vast varieties of product categories at reasonable price. Pihuri has been created to mind the two most common approach which other ecommerce shopping platform can not fulfill. First, troubles which consumer face during their bad shopping experience such as; replacement or cancellations issues. And, second, customer demands such as; information about the local shops, availability of the products and healthy security system for personal information. At Pihuri, we valued our customers and it’s our first priority to facilitate as best service as possible to our dear customers. We have designed 24/7 customer helping team which would be available next to your door, just one click away. Further, we also oblige to maintain best relationship with our Pihuri customers in many forms, such as; providing lucrative offers, membership benefits, healthy shopping environment and friendly relationships. We are doing continue research to make your shopping experience more easy, comfort and entertaining. For this, we are consistently desperate to welcome your good ideas.

I guaranteed you are going to enjoy this elegant shopping and entering in a different world of e-shopping experience.

enjoy shopping !!